POI and Foot Traffic Data For Retailers

Attract high value customers, open stores at the right sites, and make the best strategic decisions.

Use Cases for Retailers

Site Selection

Places data to help data scientists ensure a location will drive real business results.


Highly accurate POI, building footprint, and foot traffic data clearly demonstrate business strategies and operations.

Trade Area Analysis

Trade area analysis fueled by accurate data can forecast whether a business will succeed or fail in a given geographical area.

Competitive Intelligence

Map the competitive landscape and build your strategy with accurate POI, building footprint, and mobility data.

Visit Attribution

Learn how to use your GPS location data with POI geofences to determine if a device visited a place, brand, or type of store.

Consumer Insights

See who your customers are, where they come from, and what other brands they visit.

We pored through spreadsheets to isolate categories and look for issues in the data. And SafeGraph was the clear winner. There was just so much weird, junky stuff in the other datasets, it just didn't pass basic data quality. So kudos to SafeGraph for a solid product.

- Nic Babb, VP, Product

SafeGraph’s precision-based places data was crucial in allowing us to scale our operations and harness a data-driven approach to expansion.

- Eric Kung, Head of Research & Data Insights

Our model hit a performance ceiling, but adding SafeGraph Patterns data helped us break a key threshold which helped us close a major deal.

- Felipe Penha, Analytics Manager for CPG Vertical

Using SafeGraph’s POI and business listing data helped Dosh onboard new retailers faster onto our platform which decreased time-to-revenue, speeding up our whole business.

- James Fenelon, Director of Product Management

We consider SafeGraph data the ‘source of truth’ for all retail site operations. If non-client data sources don’t match to SafeGraph data, we consider it bad information.

- Preston Reed, Founder and CIO at Footmarks

Sysco Uncovers Complex Market and Brand Insights in a Changing Economy Using SafeGraph Places Data

With the detailed information provided by SafeGraph Places data, Sysco’s market, customer, and competitive intelligence team is able to deliver detailed reports to the leadership team and identify areas of opportunity.

Sysco Uncovers Complex Market and Brand Insights in a Changing Economy Using SafeGraph Places Data

Easily Compare Foot Traffic Across 7,500+ brands

SafeGraph foot traffic data allows retail data scientists to break down consumer behavior by individual brands.

Easily Compare Foot Traffic Across 7,500+ brands

Extensive Coverage Across Brands and Categories

Use SafeGraph data to further segment your analysis by specific brands or NAICS code categories that you care about. See our entire coverage across the US, Canada, and UK.

Download the data you need, when you need it

Create a SafeGraph account to receive POI, building footprint, and foot traffic data in your inbox in seconds.

Quality data ingredients at scale

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