Investment Research

Analyze and Manage Investments with Fresh and Accurate Alternative Data

Develop models and forecasts with real-world information to power due diligence and portfolio management.

Investment Research

Measure Consumer Activity with Precision

Foot traffic and POI data enable you to model consumer behavior and forecast future financial performance.

Measure Consumer Activity with Precision

Location Intelligence for Financial Modeling and Forecasting

Adding brand and POI context to consumer movement patterns enables you to derive deeper insights and more accurately assess investment performance.

Location Intelligence for Financial Modeling and Forecasting

Learn Why Goldman Sachs Relies on SafeGraph to Power Economic Forecasts

US economists at Goldman Sachs use SafeGraph data as their source of truth for consumer activity in a changing economy.

Learn Why Goldman Sachs Relies on SafeGraph to Power Economic Forecasts

With tracking, consent, and privacy being such hot-button issues these days, we needed to make sure we had all of our bases covered. SafeGraph ended up being the perfect combination of data quality, business integrity, and standardized delivery—all wrapped into one.

- Scott Stoltzman, Director of Data Science, RCLCO

We pored through spreadsheets to isolate categories and look for issues in the data. And SafeGraph was the clear winner. There was just so much weird, junky stuff in the other datasets, it just didn't pass basic data quality. So kudos to SafeGraph for a solid product.

- Nic Babb, VP of Product, Adomni

Our work-from-home variable, fueled by SafeGraph data, became the dominant predictor of a new baseline and, even more, was stronger than any other economic variables we had previously used.

- Mark Garratt, Partner and Co-Founder, in4mation insights

SafeGraph data gave IdealSpot an extensive and reliable perspective on local market conditions across America and enabled IdealSpot to model business performance in ways that were impossible before.

- Josh Winters, Chief Technology Officer, IdealSpot

Using SafeGraph’s POI and business listing data helped Dosh onboard new retailers faster onto our platform which decreased time-to-revenue, speeding up our whole business.

- James Fenelon, Director of Product Management, Dosh

Quality data ingredients at scale

Quality is your priority, so it's ours too. We rigorously verify our data to power your products with the highest quality ingredients.








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