Make Confident Business Decision with POI, Geometry, and Foot-Traffic Data

SafeGraph Places, a dataset of 6 million Points-of-Interest (POI) with bounding geometry and foot traffic insights, enables companies to mitigate real world exposure and delivers insights to health and life insurance professionals.

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Common Use-Cases for Insurance Organizations

1. Match proprietary data with SafeGraph places data to obtain geometry information, a unique place ID, and rooftop centroid geocodes.

2. Assess co-tenant risk for businesses who share walls or are in close proximity to other businesses.

3. Adjust liability coverages based on data including volume of visitors and dwell time.

4. Learn how consumer preferences and other behaviors vary across geography and derive insights.

5. Enrich proprietary data with SafeGraph attributes to fill information gaps.

POI Data
SafeGraph Places has data for 6 million Points-of-Interest in the U.S. & Canada, representing almost everywhere people spend money.

SafeGraph Places:
• Excludes extraneous and poor quality POI like ATMs or home business LLCs
• Includes rich context like brand affiliation, top category, and categories (NAICS code), store opening hours, and more
• Is updated monthly to reflect business changes
• Includes detailed building footprints data with spatial hierarchies
Store Visitor Insights Data
SafeGraph Places Patterns is an aggregation of visits to commercial and non-commercial places that can help unlock key insights about a business.

It can answer questions like:
• How do visits and visitors to a place change over time?
• Which neighborhoods do these visitors live and work in, and how far do they travel to get to this place?
• Where else do these visitors go?
• What times of day/week do people visit this place?
• How long do people stay (or dwell) at this place?

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