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Weekly Patterns: Foot Traffic Data To Understand The COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, foot traffic counts and visitor insights data for physical places are more important than ever. Businesses, researchers, and government organizations can use this type of data to better navigate the humanitarian and economic crisis unfolding. To meet these needs, SafeGraph is temporarily offering a Weekly Patterns dataset.

This data has everything you love about SafeGraph’s normal monthly Patterns dataset, but updated weekly to keep up with the rapidly changing business environment. It features foot traffic counts and POI visitor insights for 5 million places in the U.S. Read the full dataset schema and submit the form to get access and learn more.

Get In Touch For Weekly Patterns

Only Accurate Data

Foot traffic counts are derived from one of the largest anonymized mobile location data panels combined with SafeGraph Places - the most accurate POI dataset for the U.S.

Updated Weekly

Data updated weekly, delivered Tuesday morning each week.

POI Visitor Insights

In addition to foot traffic counts, get dwell times, average distance travelled, and visitor demographics (based on home Census Block Group counts) for each Point-of-Interest.