Using Data to Govern Through a Crisis

To combat the coronavirus and protect their constituents, state and local governments are turning to data to guide their policies. The City of LA is using data and ESRI tools to identify vulnerable populations so they can target programs and services that will keep Angelenos healthy and safe.  

In this webinar, you’ll learn how:
- To use SafeGraph data and Esri StoryMaps to create actionable insights and drive policy
- The City of LA built their dashboards to answer important policy questions using data


Eva Pereira

Deputy Chief Data Officer @ City of Los Angeles

Bryan Bonack

Product @ SafeGraph

Philip Mielke

3D Web Experience Product Manager @ Esri

Chelsea Lawson

Senior Associate @ Cityfi

Watch The Recording

SafeGraph & Esri

Take action with powerful data and tools

Finding Insights

Answer important questions with data

Creating Policy

Use StoryMaps to find policy-framing insights