Why Choose SafeGraph Over Foursquare

SafeGraph has the most accurate, complete, and up-to-date points of interest, building footprints, and foot traffic datasets for location and business intelligence.
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Enhance Your Data Models with the Most Accurate POIs

Over 10M global POIs power the most precise data science models at leading organizations. Dive deep into specific locations with the most accurate and detailed building footprint polygons, including comprehensive spatial hierarchy information.

Factor consumer behavior into your analysis with aggregated and anonymized foot traffic volume data that provides insight into where people go, where they come from, and what other places they visit. Available via instant CSV download, API, or bulk delivery.

Case Study: Sysco

SafeGraph has helped a number of Fortune 500 companies gain visibility into market, customer, and competitive intelligence.

Using POI and foot traffic data, the Sysco team developed a multi-pronged approach to its market analysis that locates businesses and identifies relationships, like brand affiliation and spatial hierarchy. With SafeGraph Places data, Sysco has reliable and up-to-date information about their customers and operators, helping them identify on a weekly basis where to focus their efforts. Read more here.