Geospatial Datasets for Healthcare Analytics

Measure access to health resources, understand social determinants of health, and deliver crucial insights to mitigate health risks.

Use Cases for the Healthcare Industry

Site Selection

Places data to help data scientists ensure a location will drive valuable business results.

Urban Planning

Accurate and precise points of interest (POI), building footprint, and foot traffic data reveal where people go, and how easy it is for them to get there.


Highly accurate POI, building footprint, and consumer behavior data power the most cutting-edge apps and products.

Risk Assessment

Accurate and precise points of interest (POI), building footprint, and foot traffic data for more specific insurance policy pricing and risk analytics.

Trade Area Analysis

Trade area analysis fueled by accurate data can forecast whether a business will succeed or fail in a given geographic area.

Consumer Insights

See who your customers are, what they spend, and what other brands they engage with.

Open-source data alone couldn’t give us a complete view. However, SafeGraph data filled in those gaps, allowing us to have a more holistic and granular view around foot traffic patterns, in-store dwell time, visitor density, and a POI’s physical dimensions—all of which are critical for providing accurate POI-level insights that could prevent businesses from becoming epicenters of virus spread.

- Christopher Woloshyn, Data Scientist at

With tracking, consent, and privacy being such hot-button issues these days, we needed to make sure we had all of our bases covered. SafeGraph ended up being the perfect combination of data quality, business integrity, and standardized delivery—all wrapped into one.

- Scott Stoltzman, Director of Data Science, RCLCO

We pored through spreadsheets to isolate categories and look for issues in the data. And SafeGraph was the clear winner. There was just so much weird, junky stuff in the other datasets, it just didn't pass basic data quality. So kudos to SafeGraph for a solid product.

- Nic Babb, VP of Product, Adomni

Our work-from-home variable, fueled by SafeGraph data, became the dominant predictor of a new baseline and, even more, was stronger than any other economic variables we had previously used.

- Mark Garratt, Partner and Co-Founder, in4mation insights

"We’re going a step further by measuring the tension between economic recovery and disease transmission. Other data companies only measure economic recovery. There’s a difference between how much people are buying online and how much they’re out in public."

- Tommy Bohrmann, Chief Scientific Officer

Analyze Consumer Behavior’s Relationship to Public Health

Learn how HSR.Health uses POI and foot traffic data to mitigate public health risk for individuals and businesses.

Analyze Consumer Behavior’s Relationship to Public Health

Understand Social Determinants of Health

Determine how access to healthy-living opportunities impacts a community’s health.

Understand Social Determinants of Health

Choose the Right Locations for Critical Services

Identify gaps in community access to healthcare facilities with comprehensive coverage of place types.

Quality data ingredients at scale

Quality is your priority, so it's ours too. We rigorously verify our data to power your products with the highest quality ingredients.








Countries & Territories

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