Quick Data Points About Fabric Mills In United States

There are 164 fabric mills in United States.

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Foot Traffic Trends to Fabric Mills

Foot Traffic per Capita

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In September, Kentucky was the state with the highest foot traffic per capita to the fabric mills.

Average Foot Traffic by Day of the Week

On average, Friday was the most busy day of the week for fabric mills.

Fabric Mills Industry Insights

NAICS Code: 314999
Industry Description

This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing textile products (except carpets and rugs; curtains and linens; textile bags and canvas products; rope, cordage, and twine; and tire cords and tire fabrics) from purchased materials. These establishments may further embellish the textile products they manufacture with decorative stitching. Establishments primarily engaged in adding decorative stitching such as embroidery or other art needlework on textile products, including apparel, on a contract or fee basis for the trade, are included in this industry.

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