Fun Stats About Clay Material Manufacturers In United States

There are 294 clay material manufacturers in United States.

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Foot Traffic Trends to Clay Material Manufacturers

Foot Traffic per Capita

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In September, Nevada was the state with the highest foot traffic per capita to the clay material manufacturers.

Average Foot Traffic by Day of the Week

On average, Tuesday was the most busy day of the week for clay material manufacturers.

Clay Material Manufacturers Industry Insights

NAICS Code: 327120
Industry Description

This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in shaping, molding, baking, burning, or hardening clay refractories, nonclay refractories, ceramic tile, structural clay tile, brick, and other structural clay building materials. A refractory is a material that will retain its shape and chemical identity when subjected to high temperatures and is used in applications that require extreme resistance to heat, such as furnace linings.

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