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Canada's Top Brands

See which brands get the most foot traffic in Canada.

Brand attribution is one of the most important details in a POI dataset. Analyzing POIs and foot traffic at the brand level reveals industry trends and provides a more comprehensive market view for strategic planning. This dashboard uses SafeGraph Patterns data to show which brands get the most foot traffic in Canada, at both the national and province level. Visit the SafeGraph Data Shop to browse and download POI, geometry, and foot traffic datasets.


Products we used to build this visualization:

Places Data

See how data leaders leverage Places as their source of truth for any location in the world.

Geometry Data

Incredibly accurate POI footprint data for a clear picture on the boundary of a place.

Patterns Data

Mobility and demographic aggregations that answer: how often people visit, where they come from, where else they go, and more.

Spend Data

See how and when people are spending their money at specific locations.

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