Show the Community: "Walking in the University of Memphis: Which College Campuses Opened in Fall 2020?"

In this new working paper I examine the decision that US colleges made about how extensively to reopen their campuses in Fall 2020. Descriptively, what correlated with bigger reopenings? I use SafeGraph data to produce a continuous and sensitive measure of reopening. I find that some expected correlates (tuition revenue share, prior experience with online classes) don’t matter much. But other things do, especially local informational and political cues - what are nearby colleges doing, and how conservative is your area?

This is preliminary work, any comments very welcome

Great work, @Nick_H-K_Seattle_University. This is really interesting. First, I like the construction of the outcome measure. It looks like dorms is positively correlated with opening. I suspect revenue from on campus housing (and dining) is important, so I would lump this in with revenue.

Also, Table 4 (four-year panel): the column headings seem off. Maybe I am misreading.

Now you’ve got me thinking, could you estimate some time of survival (hazard) model on institutions staying open? We’re you more likely to close if you opened hastily. Wasn’t someone collecting data on reopening policies? maybe @Jack_Lindsay_Kraken1

It’s an interesting thought! I might be able to estimate re-closing too. The College Crisis Initiative has been collecting reopening policies. Thank you for taking a look!