Should different apartment numbers or condo unit numbers have different placekeys?

For example, the following items have different unit numbers and different placekeys:

50 Southeast 12th Street, Unit 243, Boca Raton, FL 33432 [email protected]
50 Southeast 12th Street, Unit 125, Boca Raton, FL 33432 [email protected]

But these have different unit numbers, but the same placekey:

220 Lake Shore Drive, Unit S-1205, Lake Park, FL 33403 [email protected]
220 Lake Shore Drive, Unit N-2104, Lake Park, FL 33403 [email protected]

What is the expected behavior?


Hey @pevans360! Thanks for the question. Separate units should have different Placekeys like your first example. However, there are situations where our system doesn’t properly recognize the subunits. It looks like we don’t recognize the format like “N-2104”, and so we return the “base address” of the building.

If you look up 220 Lake Shore Drive (without the subunit), the same Placekey is returned:

[email protected]