SafeGraph Holiday Datathon: WIN $200!

You’re invited to join our inaugural SafeGraph Holiday Datathon!

SafeGraph’s Holiday Datathon is a virtual datathon where you can work on mini data science projects using SafeGraph data. Our focus for this datathon will be using SafeGraph data to look at interesting trends during the holiday season.

EARN A $200 GIFT CARD, SafeGraph swag, and most importantly, bragging rights, for the best data science projects!

What kind of projects can I work on?
Anything related to the holidays is fair game so get creative! Here are a few sample projects to get the gears turning:

  • Comparison of foot traffic to airports during peak holiday travel times.
  • Using Open Census Data and SafeGraph patterns to look at average household income of people visiting large retailers during Black Friday.
  • A graph of how many places with holiday-related names are in each state.

When is the SafeGraph Holiday Datathon?
Registration for the SafeGraph Holiday Datathon will open today (November 18th), and projects must be submitted by the end of the day on December 6.

:point_right:REGISTER HERE FOR THE DATATHON! :point_left:

How do I submit my project?
Once you have completed your project, please submit the following to Niki Kazahaya over Slack or email ([email protected]):

  • One paragraph description of your project :pencil:
  • A visualization for your work (graph, chart, map, etc.) :world_map:
  • Short (~60 second) recording (audio, video, or both) describing your project (how you analyzed the data, which datasets you utilized, etc.) :microphone:
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