Research from MIT civic design data lab

Hi all, we are a research team from MIT civic design data lab. We are recently look into the mobility pattern changes in Manhattan. Our first phase is only looking at the normal pattern, before covid, and we are hoping to start work on the last three months pattern very soon. We created a website, and will be publish at NYC architecture league this November. I am wondering what is the best way to credit Safegraph on our website. Currently we mentioned Safegraph in our methods and data section. Here is a preview of our website:

Hi Zhuangyuan. first off, fantastic work! The preview map is very nice to look at and intuitive! @Ryan_Fox_Squire_SafeGraph or @ross_epstein_safegraph may have a different opinion, but you might be able to add a piece at the bottom of the map where “Mapbox - OpenStreetMap - Improve this map” is and add something along the lines of “Data Provided by SafeGraph”

@Zhuangyuan_Fan_MIT here’s our standard attribution ask - thank you!

Thank you!