More Accurately Enriching Data?

When I go to match my CSV file to POI data with the "enrich data’ feature, I’ve noticed that the way I type the address (ex. #200 v.s. suite 200) can dictate whether or not any data is recorded for the location. Is there a standardized way that the enrich data feature prefers the formatting to be in in order to get the most accurate data possible?

Hi Corinna, we are looking forward to update our Match Service in the coming months so that it is more adaptable. However, I just tested myself using a combination of addresses that include #E10 and Suite 105 and St #520 and could not reproduce a mismatched result.

Please email us the CSV source file that you are using with our Match Service and we will take a look. If we find anything we will let you know and update our Match Service Documentation!



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