Hi, with @Alex_Weinberg_U_Chicago and @Laura_Pilossoph_NYFed we used SafeGraph data in the attached p

Hi, with @Alex_Weinberg_U_Chicago and @Laura_Pilossoph_NYFed we used SafeGraph data in this paper. We were trying to validate some measures of jobs that we thought would likely be less and more effected by social distancing / lock down policies. We computed the MSA employment in these types of jobs and then compared how the ‘fraction of phones at home’ increased across different MSAs. No relationship between the occupational composition of MSAs on this metric in early March, then by early April fraction of phones at home increased everywhere, but increased less in MSAs with fewer jobs that we thought were less likely to be done from home.

This is very cool @Simon_Mongey_University_of_Chicago Super interesting, thanks for sharing. How did you define jobs that were less likely to be done fro home?

Hi Ryan! We used data initially from O*NET from the BLS which has variables that describe say an occupations “Time spent outdoors” or “Time spent using email” and create a measure based on that