Get access to free data as an academic

Did you know, as an academic, you can get access to SafeGraph data for over 8 million POIs at no cost?

All you have to do is sign up here with an academic email address. You can expect an email from us with credentials to the SafeGraph Shop, where you can customize and download the dataset to best serve your needs. Please note there is a 15k data cap. You can request additional credits by filling out this form.

If you are an academic and are having trouble downloading free data from the SafeGraph Shop please try the following to get access:

  1. Ensure you signed up with an academic email address. If not please sign up again with an academic email address

  2. If signing up again does not solve the problem please reach out to [email protected]

Be sure to check out this short ten-minute tutorial on how to download data from the SafeGraph Shop:

You can also use the timestamps below:

  • 0:18 How to search for data
  • 2:30 Overview of SafeGraph datasets
  • 3:25 How to preview selected data in Shop
  • 4:09 How to select the time range for Patterns
  • 4:47 More detailed explanation of data and data preview
  • 7:38 Checking out of Shop