Available SafeGraph Data

SafeGraph provides a variety of datasets and works with partners to offer additional data attributes, which are available in the SafeGraph Shop.

  • Core Places: Core Places data provides baseline information for every record in the product suite, including location name, address, lat/long, category, brand, and more!
  • Geometry: SafeGraph’s Geometry data provides POI footprints and spatial hierarchy metadata for nearly 8 million places. They map the size and area of physical locations for the POIs in their datasets using polygons. This includes data for understanding location boundaries and relationships.
  • Patterns: SafeGraph’s Patterns dataset includes visitor and demographic aggregations for points of interest (POIs) in the US. This contains aggregated raw counts of visits to POIs from a panel of mobile devices, answering how often people visit, how long they stay, where they came from, where else they go, and more.
  • Weekly Patterns: SafeGraph’s Weekly Patterns data provides the same foot traffic data insights from Patterns on a weekly basis, tracking data from Monday to the end of day on Sunday each week.
  • Neighborhood Patterns: SafeGraph’s Neighborhood Patterns dataset contains footfall data aggregated by census block group (CBG). Learn which day of the week a CBG is busiest, what time of the day a CBG is busiest, where devices that stop during breakfast, lunch, and dinner travel from, and how weekday and weekend demographics compare.

To see out partners visit our partners page.